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SUPPLIERS & VENDORS ยป Registration Requirement

Registration Requirements

All Local Suppliers (Vendors/Constractors/Consultants/UAE Manufacturers) seeking registration with TAKREER, must submit the following documents:

1. Introduction letter, including brief profile of the company's organization, main activities & major references / orders.

2. Copy of valid Commercial licenses, which must include classification for Onshore & Offshore Oil & Gas Field Services issued by Abu Dhabi Department of Planning & Economy. 

3. Copy of valid Membership Certificate, in Arabic & English which must include classification for Onshore & Offshore Oil & Gas Field Services, issued by Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

4. Copy of valid Contractor's Classification Certificate, in Arabic & English, issued by Abu Dhabi of Planning & Economy (for Contractors only).

5. Copy of valid Industrial Licence, in Arabic and English, issued by Ministry of Industry (for Contractors only).

The above documents are to be hand-delivered to the following address only on Mondays between 9 to 11 am:

Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (TAKREER)
Procurement Support Department
Shaikh Khalifa Enerhy Complex
Takreer Tower, 20th Floor
Corniche Street, Abu Dhabi

For any clarifications, you are welcome to contact us on Phone 02-6027479 or Fax 02-6027442.